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100 Ton Welding Rotator

100 Ton Welding Rotator

100 Ton Welding Rotator Features

The 100 ton welding rotator is widely used in the h beam assembly, grinding and welding of pipes, boilers and tanks. The welding rotator can be matched with welding manipulator and welding power to form an automatic welding center. Reduce the welding labor of workers, improve production efficiency and welding quality.

The turning roll is designed to aid the welding of tanks.

By using independent drive and idler units, tanks of varying lengths can be placed on the turning rolls supported on the turning rolls wheels. The wheels of conventional rotators distance can be adjusted by screw. The power welding rotator and the passive welding rotator can be moved on the track, and the distance between them can be adjusted to weld cylinders of different lengths.
100 Ton Welding Rotator

The wheels of traditional turning rolls can be adjusted on the base frame to accommodate different tanks diameters.

Our heavy duty, built to last traditional turning rolls are designed and manufactured to tolerate the hardest, hard-wearing and unrelenting workload environments.

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